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Which Travel Insurance Is the Best in Singapore?

As more nations gradually open up their countries and loosen COVID-restrictions to tourists and foreigners, many people will have travel on their minds. Remember the good old days when lost luggage was your biggest worry? These days, the most likely mishaps to happen are related to COVID-19, whether it be an infection, or a trip cancellation.


Most insurance providers have added COVID-19 coverage to their travel insurance plans but to varying extents, some offering far better coverage than others. Which insurance plans in Singapore provide the most extensive coverage?


Allianz Travel Insurance


Allianz Travel has the highest coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses, at $1,000,000 for the Platinum plan. Furthermore, its premium plan covers for special scenarios, including sport equipment rental and search and rescue missions.


However, its coverage lacks overseas hospital cash and quarantine allowance coverage. Pick this if you want an all-in-one plan without having to buy an additional COVID-19 add-on and if you want your money back guarantee if COVID-19 puts a damper on your travel plans.


FWD Travel Insurance


For those looking to get the cheapest travel insurance plans available in Singapore, FWD offers some of the cheapest travel insurance plans in Singapore. However, they still offer you great value on the dollar for their plans. 


The plan reimburses your travel-related expenses if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 no more than 30 days before your scheduled departure date. Furthermore, you also get to claim medical expenses and a hospital cash benefit if you get hospitalised overseas!


On top of that, there’s also an automatic policy extension of up to 21 days should you be prevented from travel by government officials due to COVID-19.


AXA Travel Insurance


One perk that not all insurers offer is overseas quarantine allowance. If you’re forced to stay put in a hotel or quarantine facility overseas due to a COVID-19 infection, then this might be very helpful. Unfortunately, you cannot claim for this if you’re already claiming for hospitalisation.


AXA also tends to be quite flexible when it comes to cutting short or rearranging your trip. You can claim under this section not only if you yourself catch COVID-19, public transport gets cancelled due to COVID-19 or there is a COVID-19 outbreak at your destination. These scenarios might result in you curtailing your trip.


In short, this plan has one of the most comprehensive benefits lists available, and if you want the best peace of mind, AXA Travel Insurance might be the one you are looking for.




Therefore, travel insurance in Singapore is extremely important, especially in a post-COVID world. By choosing the correct travel insurance in Singapore, you can be rest assured for the rest of your holiday trip. For more detail and information, you can check out this handy guide here for comparisons across multiple travel insurance plans in Singapore!